Data protection information

We, Reisewitz GmbH, take the protection of your personal information in earnest, and abide strictly with the laws governing such data. Data will only be transferred for emergency purposes from this website. Under no circumstances will such data be sold or transferred to third parties.


The information below is provided to enable you to judge which type of data would be used for which purpose, and how we perform our data protection responsibility.


Use of data on this website

Reisewitz GmbH will automatically store the information it receives from your server log files received from your browser. This is, for example:

  • Browser type/version

  • The user system

  • Referral URL (the previous side visited)

  • The host name of the visitor (IP address)

  • The time of the visit

This data cannot be accessed by any of Reisewitz’s personnel. There will be no mixing of this data with data from other origins, and all data will be destroyed after a statistical analysis.


The Internet pages use cookies on several pages. These enable our offer to be more user friendly, more effective, and safer.


Cookies are small pieces of textual data, which would be left on your browser and which will be stored there. Most of these are so-called “Session-Cookies”. They will automatically be erased at the end of your visit. Cookies will not damage your computer and do not contain any viruses.


Questions on our Contact page

Personal data will only be used by our company to prepare the required answers and will not be misused for advertising purposes. Electronic queries will be automatically archived.

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